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Below we have 3 brochures available which give an insight to our Aluminium Roof Lanterns.  Simply click on either the Technical guide, Consumer Guide or Installation Guide for more information.

No Sealant In Roof Construction

Once the eaves beam has been fitted and secured into its position on the existing roof, the installer need not concern themselves further with any application of sealant during construction of the Korniche. All further seals are pre-fitted as required, no fuss, no mess, no additional materials required and most importantly no wasted time.


Universal 5mm Allen Key

A 5mm Allen key bit is included with every Korniche roof and provides the interface needed between your tools and the fasteners that make up our system.


Tapered Washer

To allow for a quick and precise fixing between all the spas, bosses and eaves beams we have engineered a simple yet innovative tapered washer. The conical profile results in a wedge type insert which allows a large degree of positional tolerance on the mating holes of the cast lugs and spas. This system vastly simplifies the preliminary fit up helping to increase the overall ease and speed of installation.

Once everything is correctly in place, the connecting bolts are fully tightened and these tapered washers ensure that each joint is both fully aligned and correctly pre-loaded in a single process, providing an incredibly accurate and stable assembly.


Pre-Drilled Eaves Beam

To save fitting time and guarantee that the correct amount of fixings are used, we ensure that every single roof leaves our factory with all the required holes pre-drilled into its eaves beam. For the installer, this means there is no additional measuring or drilling necessary on site prior to fastening the eaves beam onto the roof upstand.


All In One Glazing Retainer

Installing the glass couldn’t be simpler using our all in one glazing retainer. The innovative design prevents slip and covers both the end of the sealed unit and the external portion of the eaves beam in one. Once located into the retainer, the glazing panel is simply positioned on the ridge and rotated down as the assembly guides it into position, reducing the install time to a matter of
seconds per unit.

The clever design creates an anti-lift mechanism to both stop ambient air escaping and adds another dimension to security against forced entry from the outside.


One Bolt Spas

Rafter fitment is completed by orientating the end of the spa over its relevant die cast lug and fixing in place using a single 8mm bolt. At the eaves beam end, one more 8mm bolt is fitted from the outside, through the profile and then into a pre-fitted aluminium lug sitting neatly inside the end of the rafter. The utilisation of our tapered washer system ensures that when the bolts are torqued, correct alignment and preload is achieved every time. This saves the installer a great deal of time compared to the more common methods used in some competitor systems.


Clip Fit Top & End Caps

The roof installation is completed with our clip-in aluminium finishing caps, which, in keeping with the brief have been designed so fitment is intuitive, quick and straight forward whilst ensuring the smooth lines of the roof are maintained. Each of the high-quality cast aluminium cappings which cover the spa tops, boss tops and the rafter ends simply click or push into position where they are retained firmly by a suitable clip.

The design not only adds to the sleek aesthetics by completely covering any unsightly screws, but also further reduces fitting time whist maximising security for the client.



Robust Die Cast Aluminium Lugs & End Boss

Patent-pending aluminium bosses make up the cornerstones of the system, these strong die cast parts have been developed to tie the roof spas and eaves beams together in such a way that forces from wind and snow loading are distributed evenly throughout the structure. High strength Helicoil inserts have been fitted at every point where aluminium parts support fasteners to protect threads and further reinforce joints.


Anti-Crush Tube

Where rafters are positioned across the ridge we have taken things one step further to ensure structural integrity will never be compromised. Back to back rafters are mirrored across the ridge body which allows us to bolt each rafter to its partner through an internal anti-crush tube. The precision turned aluminium component is perfectly machined to fit, hidden, within the ridge body profile. The resulting configuration ensures that after the die cast lugs are bolted into position the ridge section cannot deform under load. Utilising this fixing method, the usually weak link that is inherent in other systems has been designed out resulting in an incredibly strong joint with no visible reinforcement spoiling the view.


Deep Ogee Aluminium Spas

Custom extruded 6060 T6 sections make up the lightweight, rigid beams used for the ridge, rafters and eaves. Deep structural profiles formed with internal bracing provide the required strength, and a design configuration supporting the glass high up is yet another example of how form follows function to provide great depth when viewed from below. Traditional ogee detailing is added along the lower edges to complete that clean classic feel.



Thermal PVC T Bar

Thanks to the strength of Korniche being created through optimised aluminium profiles, we have eliminated the aluminium T-bar rafter used by traditional roof system manufacturers to provide structural integrity and also clip in the external cappings. Instead each of our spa and ridge body sections utilise an in-house designed high quality PVC T-bar. This section provides both the
clip engagement feature for the aluminium top caps whilst being fully compatible with gold standard Q-Lon gaskets. An additional advantage in this system layout is the huge depth of thermal break created to prevent thermal bridging between outer top cap and internal spa.


Thermally Broken Eaves Beam

Thermal efficiency starts at the bottom of our roof. The Korniche uses eaves beams which are thermally broken using pairs of polyamide sections between the inside and outside of the profiles. These polymers create the insulated barrier between the sections of normally conductive aluminium.


Injection Moulded Silicone Seal

To provide the last word in weather protection LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) injection moulded seals are factory fitted to our patent pending aluminium bosses. These create a link between the Q-Lon gaskets on the spas and ridge ensuring a complete barrier from wind and rain throughout the roof structure without the need for additional sealant. All seals come pre-located in cleverly profiled
push tabs meaning they can only sit in the correct position so no unnecessary time is ever required on site to assure alignment. Simply locate the glass and it’s done.


Q-Lon Gaskets

Made with a unique combination of materials and with technical performance unparalleled by any other material used in weather seals. Q-Lon gaskets offers the highest standard of sealing function and are well proven even under the most extreme conditions.


The Slimmest Profiles

Thanks to the engineering optimisation employed during the roofs design we have been able to meet all our required criteria for structural strength whilst still offering very slender profiles. At only 57mm wide the spas and ridge sections are amongst the slimmest currently available on the market.


Patent Pending End Boss

As with all of the Korniche components, our die cast ridge and spar end bosses are not just functional, their design helps to maintain the sleek aesthetics by matching the extruded profile detail
perfectly, enabling the slim hips and rafters to unite almost seamlessly together without adding unsightly bulk, whatever the chosen configuration of the roof.


Hidden Fixings

Visible fixings are a thing of the past with Korniche. All the fasteners have been cleverly concealed within the spas and ridge profiles for the cleanest possible look.


Unbroken Sight Lines

A signature feature of the Korniche roof is the way that aesthetic features such as slim profiles, sculpted unions and concealed fixings all come together to provide a traditional look only thought
possible with timber construction. The resulting sight lines flow gracefully and uninterrupted throughout the entire structure bringing an elegance and balance that we feel is absolutely unrivalled.

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